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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good News, Bad News (or maybe not or maybe I am in denial)

The good news is that my minispins have been virtually nonexistant the past several days and I think the brain fog has lifted a little, too.  But I am still having problems with my short-term memory.  I will even forget my train of thought mid-sentence.  Well, more so than I usually do.

The bad news is that I am noticing more frequently a high-pitched ringing in my left, or good, ear which does seem to last less than an hour, at least.  At times, it will also feel like there is an air bubble and slight pressure behind my ear drum causing not only sounds from the outside to have a distinct echo to them, but my own voice will also reverberate in my head (autophony).  I do not experience autophony in my bad ear, so this is new to me.  This is only occuring a couple of days a week first thing in the morning after I get out of bed, it peaks by midmorning, then subsides by lunchtime.

This is typical of what I felt, I believe in both ears, off and on for a couple of years before the vertigo and worsening symptoms developed in my right ear.  At that point, I was so distracted by my right ear that if this stuff was still going on in my left ear, I was not aware of it.  Now that the right ear has calmed down somewhat, I am noticing my left ear more.  And the problem seems to flare with changes in the weather which has been a lot lately.  In fact, another storm rolled in today and the rain is coming down as I write this.

So what does this mean?  WHO KNOWS!  As usual, it requires a wait-and-see approach.  For there to be a Meniere's diagnosis there still needs to be hearing loss and vertigo, so I can't say I am going bilateral with any degree of certainty.  And there are lots of things that can cause these symptoms that are not Meniere's.  But why would I have two different problems?  Where did I get these messed up ears?!

Oh, this is so frustrating.  Breathe...

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