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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Anxiety and Balance Disorders Could Be Linked

Thought-provoking studies.  Go here for access to the links to the abstracts.

Balance and Anxiety
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Studies show that the body’s balance system is involved in anxiety disorders. Could treating vestibular problems lead to anxiety relief? That’s a subject that needs to be researched further.


Autorotation test abnormalities of the horizontal and vertical vestibulo-ocular reflexes in panic disorder. (Link)

Panic disorder: the role of the balance system. (Link)

Relationship between balance system function and agoraphobic avoidance. (Link)

Serotonergic modulation of the balance system in panic disorder: an open study. (Link)

Space and motion discomfort and abnormal balance control in patients with anxiety disorders. (Link)

Visually induced postural sway in anxiety disorders. (Link)

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  1. Apparently Harold Levinson, MD wrote a book on this subject, "Phobia Free: Medical Breakthrough Linking 90% of all Phobias and Panic Attack to a Hidden Physical Problem."