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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


A quick observation.  Like many people with Meniere's, I have put a fair amount of effort into attempting to identify potential triggers.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I started off researching those triggers commonly listed by other Meniere's suffers.  Things that tend to pop up frequently are salt, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, stress, and lack of sleep.

After two years at it, I can say with confidence that I have not been able to identify a single thing that I do, don't do, eat, or don't eat that will bring on or prevent a Meniere's attack with any consistency.

Just my own personal experience thus far...


  1. I've never been able to find any rhyme or reason either. I used to think the weather effected me a little, but not really, just headaches.

    I do find I can possibly stop them or lessen them with Valium and Phenergan. But nothing else. Some chanting meditation helps a little to keep me calm, but I really don't think it shortens the attack.

    If you ever find a "trigger" let me know.

  2. Yesterday I started the day on very little sleep, drank a lot of caffeine, had physical stress (pain from allergy testing) and mental stress (engine light came on in the middle of LA), ate a piece of dark chocolate and had a turkey sandwich for lunch.

    I should be feeling terrible by today, but I am not. Even my tinnitus is at it's softest baseline.


  3. I used to think that I had triggers. Thought it was salt, especially the ones in preservatives or MSG. I also used to think it was the weather. I once thought we should move to Hawaii since it has the most stable barometric pressure! I went on to consider sleep deprivation, caffeine or alcohol. Clearly these weren't the case as I had not drank alcohol in 2 years when the Menieres was the worst! Even my ENT told me I should have a drink now and then as this disease is so stressful. Although I haven't dared tried the wine idea, I do agree with the stress and I think that is actually a trigger for me. Since I have been using a Meniett Device I have been so much better unless I am under a lot of stress. Then I feel it lurking!
    So I had a stressful day today so I had take out pizza (high sodium) for dinner and some chocolate for dessert. I feel much better now! :)

    Deb :)

  4. Thanks, Deb, for sharing your experience. I still think Hawaii sounds perfectly reasonable!

    I should say that when I was at my worst, I just cycled repeatedly in and out of vertigo attacks 2 or 3 times a week. No alcohol, no caffeine, got plenty of sleep, very low salt diet, etc. and yet...

    At that time I did feel some kind of link with stress, but then again, it was a chicken or egg thing. As my ear ramped up for another attack, my tolerance for anything except complete silence was nil.

    I hope today you still feel well after your little pizza/chocolate party! Sounds good to me. :-)

  5. Yup.... All is fine today :) The pizza and chocolate removed the stress so today I am 95%! (that's as good as it gets of course!)

  6. Yes, as good as it gets! I hear ya!