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Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Hearing App

While there are many types of hearing loss, that caused by Meniere's disease is unique in that it fluctuates for most of us.  And hearing is one of the only objective measures many of us have to measure the success or failure of a new treatment or intervention.  It's just not feasible to run in to see our audiologist on a moment's notice when we feel there has been a sudden change in our hearing, so many of us rely on hearing test apps to measure changes in our hearing.  Those that I've found are fairly limited and often awkward to use and interpret.

But a new company, called Mimi, plans to launch an iPhone app to not only allow users to test their hearing but to, among other things, enhance it much in the way hearing aids can.  It sounds like there are some regulatory hoops to jump through to implement the latter, but it's a step in the right direction IMO, given the exorbitant cost of hearing aids.

Read more about this exciting technology here.

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  1. Great information! Very interesting.
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