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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some New Paint Coming...

We bought this poor, lonely, neglected house two years ago. It was built in 1969 and it remained in its original state 40 years later, down to the orange shag carpet. It had been vacant for most of the past 15 years - long story. But, as we had lived in the house across the street for the previous four years, I had often gazed at this sad house, needing a family, and felt sorry for it. Finally, the owner had to let it go before the bank foreclosed on her, so we swooped it up.

Indoors, so far we (mostly my husband, to be fair) have put in new flooring, painted the kitchen cabinets, painted every room, except the bathrooms, (the living room, kitchen, and family room twice!), and ripped out a wet bar.

In the yard, Phil ripped out the juniper bushes, grass, and several palm and cypress trees, and replanted the entire front yard with native California plants. It looks, and smells, absolutely beautiful! But the house itself still looks pretty pathetic. See what I mean?

So tomorrow is the big day! Prep and painting begins. The Sherwin-Williams colors will be Quiver Tan, Universal Khaki, and Kilim Beige. The front door will be Rembrandt Ruby. I am dying to watch the transformation and see the final product.

Plants that were 1-gallon buckets a year ago
I will post some after pictures soon.
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  1. I think it's lovely. So funny, Kilim Beige is the color of most of the walls in our house. (they were that color when we bought it, but it's nice)

    Are you going to live in this house? rent it? sell it? how exciting to take a poor little house and transform it into a lovely home.

  2. Lol! Of the 1000's of paint colors, can't believe we happen to have the same beige.

    I think we will live in this house for a long time, especially given the state of the real estate market. We had always rented as when we decided to stay in San Diego around 2003-2004, the market was at its peak and everything was (way) out of our price range. Between the market dropping significantly by 2009 and finding a serious fixer, we were able to sneak into homeownership finally.