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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Did I Do Too Much or Is It Just Coincidence?

One of the conundrums of Meniere's disease is that symptoms seem to come and go willy-nilly.  As we all know, people post all kinds of things on the internet (duh) and people with MM, or who claim to know something about MM, are no different.  A cursory on-line search will turn up a long list of potential triggers purported to set off an attack.  In my own personal experience, I have not for the life of me been able to identify any single potential trigger that consistently brings on my set of most annoying symptoms.

As I previously posted, today was the last day of school for my kids.  As per my usual M.O., I signed up to man one of the annual Olympic Field Day events.  I spent little over an hour repeatedly yelling instructions at, and rooting on, group after group of kiddos racing broomstick horses.  The next hour and a half, I ran back and forth, following my own kids from one event to the next, yelling and rooting.  Then, after returning home briefly for a quick lunch, I realized I was feeling terrible.  Exhausted, ear buzzing, and - sigh- more off-balance than usual.  This would normally culminate in vertigo, but I am crossing my fingers and toes that the gent is continuing to hold and it will just pass without incident.

I managed to pull myself together, pick the kids up from school and take them out as promised for ice cream and to buy a new video game.  I made it.  Whew!  But sure feel icky now.

So was it all the yelling?  I don't know.  But it is on my mind and, as usual when I get to feeling terrible, I start mentally running through all the possible "triggers" and how to avoid them.  Anything just to stop this cycle.  But it is mentally exhausting and I continue to work on acceptance.


  1. I agree, I do not for the life of me see any correlation to anything I do and when an attack starts.

    yes, sometimes when I get really stressed I'll have some symptoms, but often they don't turn into a full blown attack.

    The other day I was out in the sun and it was pretty darn hot. (I was stuck in traffic for road work with the top off my car, sitting still for about 20 mins, after a ride of about 45mins.) When I got home I felt horrible. I think it was too much sun or too hot. I got in a cool shower and felt better, but still a little off. Drank a lot!

    Point being, was I really having symptoms of Meniere's or was I simply over heated?

    I know it's very hard to accept, but I can tell you I've felt much better since I have.
    That doesn't mean that I don't get upset and aggravated when I have an attack. I still think it's just not right, I should be able to figure out a way to stop it, or something. But for the most part, I think..it's a part of me. I'll handle it, and perhaps my experiences can help others.

    You have helped me.

  2. Thanks, Wendy. I can say the same about you. :-)

    My mantra, "This is how I feel and it is normal for me." As soon as I say it to myself, all the stress of wishing it away releases.

    Take care, friend.