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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Local Fires

There have been at least 9 fires in the San Diego area in the past 24 hours.  It has been hot, dry, and windy which in So Cal is a recipe for disaster.  We lived through the 2003 Cedar Fire and then the 2007 Witch Creek Fire, the latter brushing up to our neighborhood and forcing us to unexpectedly - and urgently - evacuate for 4 days.  So these latest fires are bringing up some anxiety for me.

When I came home this afternoon to let the dogs out, this is what I saw:

Twenty minutes later, it looked like this:

We then anxiously sat through the kids' band concert (streaming news on Phil's iPhone the whole time) and when we got home a couple of hours later, it had become this:

And then this:

At this point, the fire seemed to be creeping down into the neighborhood that was devastated in 2007 and only a stone's throw for an ember to ignite our adjacent neighborhoods.  The difference this evening is that the wind has died down dramatically, so that is a huge relief.

I think I will rest knowing it is very unlikely that this fire will reach us now.  But I am uneasy about how these fires got started and hope there are no surprises in the night.

As you all know, Meniere's doesn't care if you are having a crisis and just need to focus on something else for awhile.  But, thank goodness, I have been feeling well and am just so grateful that I can handle whatever I might need to do should an emergency arise.


  1. So glad you are all safe, how frightening!

  2. The fires here seem to be winding down. It is only supposed to be 90 degrees today with drizzle forecast by Monday. The ash was floating down around us last night, hoping better today, but you can imagine the smoke and haze.