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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We Are Not Alone

We started re-watching The X-Files series the other night on Netflix.  The show harkens back to those peaceful pre-parenthood years of watching whatever we liked, whenever we liked.  Now that the kids are in middle school, we've been pushing the envelope a bit by introducing them to our own TV and movie nostalgia.  Airplane!?  A little sketchy.  Ferris Bueller's Day Off?  The kids told us that was not appropriate.  The X-Files?  We have one believer and two hiding under the covers.  Phil and I are enjoying the trip down memory lane nevertheless.  But I digress.

What I meant by We Are Not Alone, is that misery loves company and I came across a fellow-sufferer of Meniere's-like fun who writes rather eloquently about what it's like to have a condition that no one can seem to diagnose, much less treat effectively.  From time to time I post "borrowed" articles here on the blog.  This one I found while lurking over at www.menieres.org (which I still refuse to re-join).  Anyway, seemed share-worthy here.  Note the mention of Regenokine  and Dana White for those who've been following that as a treatment option for Meniere's.  I do agree with the author regarding taking on the attitude of equanimity and practicing as much meditation as one can muster.  Enjoy!

P.S. Sam Harris, the author, is quite nice to look at, if you don't mind me saying.


  1. Sam Harris, well I dont wish this disease on anyone but lets face it the more that high profile people get it and talk of it the more public awareness and I'd like to think the more likely attention for research. Tinnitus sure seems maddening when you get it but now if thats all I had I like to think I would be pretty happy. Its funny how perspective can change. Oh, hes a brilliant writer imo.

    1. Sam Harris sounds familiar, but maybe that's just because it's a common name. His writing does intrigue me, going to check it out. I really enjoy reading philosophy and alternate views on spirituality.

  2. Ps Looking at .org of late, you arent missing much..

  3. Wasn't a winner of that talent TV show with Ed McMahan named Sam Harris? Forgot the name of the show..Star Search? LOL That is maybe why the name sounds familiar.