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Friday, February 11, 2011

Blown Speaker

Last night a good analogy came to me to describe how I now hear.  It is like listening to everything through a pair of speakers where one speaker is working normally (my left ear) and the other speaker is blown and produces a constant hissing, buzzing sound with little to no other useful information coming from it (my right ear).  Just like listening to this pair of speakers, I have to filter everything I hear through this annoying hissing.

I am used to it and most of the time barely notice.  But it is really frustrating to carry on a conversation in a room where several other people are talking or if there's music in the background.

All that being said, still no more vertigo.  So I am happy, happy, happy about that!  Life goes on...


  1. that is a good analogy! except my blown speaker is making a high pitched squeal constantly...like feedback from a microphone or something. ugh..so frustrating. lately, i'm hearing low-level tinnitus in my good ear that won't go away. i usually get it in spurts but this won't stop. i'm chalking it up to stress and playing around with meds and having migraines for now. but as always, that bilateral devil is taunting me. hate that guy.

    glad that the vertigo is staying away for you! that's wonderful news!

  2. Eek! The bilateral beast is always lurking. I have episodic tinnitus in my good ear, too. Much higher pitched than in my bad ear and short spurts (<30 minutes, I think), but it seems to be more frequent. Hope you find a happy medium with your meds and get the migraines under control soon. Yes, no vertigo, but a lot of short spins and imbalance, really annoying but tolerable.