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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Better and Better

Just a quick up-date to document for myself, and anyone else who gives a rat's-you-know-what about my ear, how I am doing.

It is now 35 days since my last gent shot and 15 days since my last episode of vertigo.  I am now confident that the gent has done its job once again and I am doing the happy dance!

Based on my previous "successful" gent experience, I know moving forward that I may still experience some woozies from time to time, but I am hopeful this period of relief will be better and longer.  Though as those with MM know, there are no guarantees.

As of the last day or two, the ringing is winding down to a quiet(er) high-pitched hum, the pressure in my ear is all but gone except for a sensation of fluid sloshing around in there when I shake my head, and my hearing is also a bit better.  Nothing is staying the same and nothing is getting worse.  These are all symptoms that contiued to come and go during my last vertigo-free period, so I will expect more of the same this time.  But, assuming more of those little vestibular hair cells were destroyed by the 3rd shot, it's hard to know what to expect.

So I will simply celebrate every day of freedom from spinning... the rest is nothing more than a nuisance.


  1. all of those things are very good signs that it is working! so glad for you. hope it continues for you. you're so right that once the spinning is gone, the rest is just a nuisance. i still struggle in the dark as you mentioned in an earlier post so i keep a little flashlight by my bed for when i need to get up at night. that will likely never get better but i'm okay with that. it may make future camping trips a bit more awkward but hey, it should make for some funny stories, right??

  2. I crack myself up with my drunken sailor walk that sometimes just comes out of nowhere. Today I found myself swaying as I was trying to stand still. The flashlight is a great idea. We have a small window in our master bath which usually lights my way, but sometimes one of us closes the door w/o thinking and that becomes tricky.