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Saturday, February 19, 2011


For the past two weeks or so, I have been having mini-spins.  I notice them if I turn my head quickly, especially to the right (my bad ear).  The other time they hit is when I look down then back up.  This is especially annoying at work since I look down at my desk and then back up at my computer screen all day.  They are tolerable and only momentarily disorienting.  I think the past few days have been a little better, though.

On the plus side, my balance is a little better than it has been.  And another big plus is the fact that the usual cycle of pressure build-up in my right ear is all but gone.  I have noticed that despite the big rainstorm that has rolled in to So Cal, my ear is not plugged at all.  Before the last gent, my ear would get so plugged before and during any bad weather.  It would be so bad that my left (good) ear would even feel plugged a bit.  I could never tell if it was my imagination or if my left ear was giving me problems, too.  Now that my bad ear is behaving better, I don't notice anything in my left ear excect occaisonal, high-pitched ringing.  I do think that when my bad ear is acting up, it somehow affects by good ear, too. 

So, the only problems I am having now are the mini-spins and medium-loud, constant tinnitus in my bad ear.  All in all, I am functioning well.  Still grateful that the vertigo is gone for now.

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