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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brain Fog and Allergies?

I have been writing for awhile now about how I have had terrible brain fog since sometime around the end of January or first part of February.  Iinitially, I attributed it to the effects of the gent shot I got in December, thinking it was just a result of brain-retraining. 

In addition to the slo-mo sensation and terrible forgetfulness, I have also had off and on pressure across the middle of my face.  But there has been no congestion or pain with it, so I was a little baffled.

Many people with Meniere's report that they suffer from allergies, too, but that their Meniere's symptoms improve significantly when they identify and treat their allergies.  Since I have been at a loss as to what else to do about the brain fog, I thought, what the heck?  I might as well look into this a little more.  Besides, if I went to the doctor just complaining of my otherwise vague symptoms, I figured they would just look at me, shrug their shoulders, and send me on my way.  So I scheduled an appointment next week to have some allergy testing done.

In the meantime, yesterday I thought I might as well take one my husband's Claritin to see what would happen and much to my amazement within a few hours I felt like a new woman!  Not only did the pressure in my face go away, but the fog lifted, too.  I took another this morning and same thing.

So the results of the testing will be interesting.  I will have to stop the Claritin on Saturday as it will otherwise skew the test results.  But I can't wait to find out what, if anything, I might be allergic to.


  1. So glad to hear that you are finding things that help!!! Yeah!! Hope more good things and better health come your way!!

  2. me too i strongly belive the this allergy is the cause of my brain fog but the only prob is my sinus congestion won't go away, its 1 year now and still congested.