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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yoga and Rock Climbing

Last night I took Erin to a Girl Scout "spa" event for about 100 girls.  I was feeling pretty good at first, but being in a large auditorium with all the noise and motion made me start to feel quite off kilter.  Having just had vertigo earlier in the week, I wasn't sure where this was going so I quickly took 2 Valium (2 mg each) and things settled down nicely within 30 minutes.

Part of the program involved learning some yoga moves.  At first, the moms were just to sit in the back of the room while an older troop led the younger girls.  But at the end they asked all the moms to come up on the stage for the final round of poses and stretches.  I felt a little panicked as several of the poses involved balancing on one foot.  Try as I might, I just couldn't hold the tree pose; kept falling to my bad side.  Well, not surprising.  Though, I must admit, it made me want to get back into yoga as I did feel pretty good afterward.

Then today Connor attended a birthday party at an indoor rock climbing place.  After watching the kids for a bit, I thought, "I can do this!"  So up I went, about 3/4 up the wall until my arms turned into spaghetti.  I was a little disappointed I didn't get all the way to the top, but it felt great to try something new and completely outside of my comfort zone.

These past two days have made me feel so very thankful for modern medicine.  Had I decided to wait out the course of this disease and not taken what some might consider drastic measures, I am certain I would not have been able to attend these events much less participate the way I did.  I am so utterly grateful and do not take one day of freedom from vertigo for granted.


  1. Well, I wrote a post, but it didn't go through...so now let me see if I can remember everything I said...

    I'm a bit behind in reading my favorite people's blogs, so I'll comment here for the past 3 post you've made.

    Glad to hear you don't have allergies, but isn't it tough having Rhinitis without the allergies to go along with it...I mean, it's like having something wrong, but don't know why. *humph* Hope you can get it under control, I know you'll feel better.

    I'm so sorry you have been having some feelings of vertigo lately. (I had a few off kilter feeling lately myself. I'll write more about it later. I'm really hoping it will all go away as my ear infection goes away. I am on the last day of the antibiotics.)
    I don't think you did anything drastic to insure you didn't start spinning. After all, that's what our doctors give us the meds for, isn't it? When I feel an attack possibly starting I take Valium (btw, more mgs than you take), and Phenergan. I want to make sure I have some anti-nausea meds in me before I start throwing up. ; ) Yes, some my say I take drastic measures trying to prevent an attack...but frankly, I'd do just about anything not to start spinning and throwing up for hours upon hours.

    I'm so glad you got to go to the different outings, and participate! Your courage and can do attitude, gives me incentive to try new things.

    I know I've been vertigo free since the end of January now, but I too do not take one day of the freedom for granted! People who haven't been through it simply cannot understand.

  2. For some reason comments on my own blogs are going to my spam folder, so I just saw this. Gotta figure out this glitch. Anyway, thanks for the kind comments. No more vertigo since that one mild, out-of-the-blue attack. Hope your ear is feeling better. What is the deal with the allergies this year? As long as I take a Claritin everyday, I seem to do ok, but if I miss one I am a mess. I am not so sure about the allergy testing thing...

    Hope you have a great week!!

  3. Amazing job on the yoga and rock climbing!! I was doing a yoga class for a while this spring, and seemed to have a 'spell' the following day for a few weeks. I was concered that the yoga might actually be CAUSUNG these spells, but then I decided I wouldn't even give that more thought, as having something that can be so good for the body cause a spell could not be right!! I kept up with it, and the spells must have just been a fluke, as they stopped following the schedule of my yoga practice, and I am keeping up with the yoga as best I can. I have trouble with poses where my head is lowered though, as they can throw me off and bring on the starting of vertigo, and tree pose is always a challenge as well ; )