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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Am Not Crazy!

I have not been visiting the Menieres.org forum much lately.  Been too busy and also just needing a break from the collective misery.  But tonight I was browsing a few recent posts and found someone there who started a thread today about memory problems.  This, of course, got my attention.  As I scrolled down, I found these two links to articles describing ME!



I found both articles to be super thorough and they put perfectly into words how I feel these days.  Especially the following quote contained in the first link:

"Unlikely as it seems, vestibular damage can cause memory problems. Here is why. When you damage your vestibular system, keeping your balance is now largely a conscious effort, not the automatic effortless procedure it once was. Consequently, those areas of your brain that you once just used for thought and memory, now must constantly work on keeping you balanced. As a result, your memory may suffer. You may grope for words when talking. You may easily forget what is being spoken about during a conversation. You may be easily distracted. You may have difficulty comprehending directions or instructions. You may have trouble concentrating and may feel disoriented at times."  YES!

I will still pursue the allergy testing, but am so relieved, in a weird sort of way, that I am not completely crazy.  Hallelujah!


  1. arghh!!!! i just lost my whole comment!! :( now i'm too tired to remember. basically i was saying that YES!! i remember this quote now and it was buried somewhere in my brain but i would never have found it, so thank you! it definitely sums things up very well. i think this is why my oto says he does not see me going back into teaching. my vestibular damage is too much and the stresses would cause me to lose the ground i have gained, in his opinion.

    ~nicki (it won't let me post under my blog name for some reason)

    so...thanks again for bringing this to my attention again. i haven't been to the forum too much lately either so i missed this.

    hope you are doing well!

  2. Hey Nicki,

    I have been much better the past 3 days since I started taking Claritin, but I did stop taking it today in prep for allergy testing. I am glad you like that quote, too. So true! In fact, today I went to a baby shower and with all the commotion around me it was funny how I noticed that I did in fact have more memory and word-finding issues. Of course, the noise level around my house is almost always a low roar, too, so that can't help.

    Yes, I don't see how anyone could work in a loud, busy environment with the hearing and apparently cognitive deficits. My job is generally the quiet part of my day. lol!

    All ok down there with the storms and tornadoes? Thinking about you and Wendy today! Hunker down.


  3. I used to have profound brain fog. I know a lot of people with vestibular problems have a rough time with it. Mine has gotten much better over the years.

    I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope it keeps up.

    All is well at our house. The storms were close, but all we got really was rain and normal storm stuff. Not bad. Thank goodness!!


  4. everything was fine here as far a tornadoes. we had some bad flooding. the tornadoes were much further east. right where wendy is. very scary stuff. the worst this state has seen in over 20 years. i don't know what's up with mother nature but she's not happy right now. hope wendy is okay. i need to go to her blog and check on her.

    i have no idea what happened to my earlier comment. blogger was not liking me at all! so sorry it was all jumbled. good luck with the allergy tests and let us know what you find out!