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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Allergic to...


The allergist tested my skin for trees, grasses, molds, dust mites, and various animals and I reacted to nothing.  He then did a second test for dust mites, similar to a TB skin test, and again, nothing.  In addition, he looked at the cells from my nasal passages (sorry - gross to think about), which were inflamed by the way, and again saw no signs of allergy or infection.

The official diagnosis is Nonallergic Rhinitis.  The doctor said it can be caused by particulate matter in the air and gave me some samples of an antihistamine nasal spray to try called Patanase (olopatadine hydrochloride).  He also said if Claritin seemed to help me, I could resume taking that, as well.  But he thought the nasal spray would be more likely to work.

So I cannot attribute my Meniere's symptoms to allergies.  That's a relief, I suppose.  Or, at least, it rules out one more thing that I can say I have tried.  Since I am doing pretty well right now and the brain fog has been better this past week, I won't rock the boat and will just continue to ride this wave.


  1. I tested to nothing that could cause the Meniere's, too. I have allergies - but more just the chronic rhinitis stuff.

  2. I had totally forgotten about having allergy testing done when I was going through my diagnosis stage. Had essentially the same results, minor envoronmental allergies, but nothing more. Both good and bad, as I remember thinking that if it had been something as simple as allergies, at least then we could deal with it!