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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vertigo Back?

I can't believe I have to say this, but I had a mild vertigo attack Tuesday morning.  My ear had been acting up the previous couple of days with buzzing and fullness which is always concerning.  Then, as I was eating breakfast, the walls started to wiggle and my balance went to sh*&.  I immediately took valium and laid down.  Fortunately, it only lasted about an hour and then I was able to get up and shuffle around the rest of the day.

I called for an appointment with my OTO who, consistent with his usual m.o., was booked this week and out of town the following two.  I could have gotten in to see his proteges, but I really only want to see the Big Guy in the event an major decisions need to be considered.  Plus, as this happened a couple of times after my first gent shot, too, it just may pass and become a non-urgent issue.  I will know in the next 3 weeks if the vertigo is back in force, or not.

In the meantime, my ear is popping and gurgling.  For those with MM, you know what I mean, that deep, inner ear sloshing of fluid that cannot be seen or drained.

I continue to have high-pitched ringing in my "good" ear and the past two or three mornings it has been feeling clogged, too.  This always freaks me out, but I think this has been happening all along anytime it's evil twin is acting up.

On a side note, fascinating reading about the possible correlation between vasopressin and Meniere's Disease here.  Just about every time I get vertigo, I notice I also "diurese", to put it politely.  Besides being very annoying since just turning my head is torture, much less being able to repeatedly get up to go to the bathroom, this symptom has always baffled me and made me think there is something more systemic going on.   The observation that people with MM have increased levels of vasopressin has been documented in several studies on PubMed.

Hope, hope, hope...


  1. nooooo! okay...good news, it was a mild attack. it has happened to you before after a gent injection. so it could be a one-time thing. let's focus on that.

    as for the good ear, as you know, i'm having the same problem. i just posted about my eustachian tube acting up and it's causing me some major issues right now. i would really love to know why so many of us who are unilateral have high-pitched tinnitus and feelings of clogging, or pressure or whatever in our good ears. i mean i know i've been given loose explanations before but i would love to know the true biology/anatomy as to why.

    i'm so sorry your oto is going to be gone. that sucks. i go friday for my hearing test. we'll see if my good ear is holding up. i really feel right now that my bad ear has gotten worse as far as hearing goes. it'll be interesting to see if i'm right about that too. i'm also hoping on that small chance they'll have a loaner hearing aid available that day for me to take.

    hang in there and keep me posted. e-mail me and vent if you need.

    *blogger won't take my wordpress i.d. so i had to go anonymous.

  2. Thanks, Nicki. I am sorry your good ear is being bad, too. Painful on top of it. Pain is not a sign of MM, so maybe that's a good thing. My doc said there is LOTS of tinnitus in the world and most of it is not MM. His way of keeping me from losing my mind? Lol!

    I read the info on the Australian research group and what they are looking into which prompted me to read up on vasopressin. Now that was really interesting. Everytime I really read the basic literature on PubMed it makes me realize just how complex this is and how it is could very well be a systemic disease. The basic stuff you find Googling MM rarely talks about brain fog, chronic imbalance and dizzies, but the basic lit does.

    I really have to get to a place where I just stop worrying about trying to figure it all out and agonizing over what to do and just accept it all for what it is and that it is beyond my control. Reading the forum does not reinforce that for me, though.

    Glad you're safe from the storms. Though sounds like you had a close call. And I can't imagine what it does to your ears. Yikes!

    Hang in there, girlfriend!

  3. Thanks for the link - interesting! Makes a lot of sense considering some of the 'secondary' symptoms I get when having a spell, too!!