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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fast Forward to Today

So here's where I jump in and start writing about where I am now, today.

Today's a good day.  Actually four days in a row and I don't feel an attack coming on yet.  The cycle is, at minimum, changing since my most recent gent shot.  At best, I usually get one or two days of feeling 95% normal before the cycle of ear pressure, tinnitus, and a general foggy-headed feeling build up to another brutal attack of vertigo.

In all fairness, everyday is a good day.  I have been learning how to cope with the cycle.  I have plenty of support lined up to get kids where they need to go and my employer is amazingly supportive and flexible.  And my husband, well he is a saint, and always rises to the occasion without contributing one ounce the the guilt I feel when I miss time with him and the kids.

The two hardest things I deal with  now are not being able to plan ahead, especially when it comes to planning playdates or other commitments that come with being a mother, and the short-term memory loss I have when I am foggy-headed.  So much energy just to get through simple tasks on some days.  And if I happen to be at work, I feel like I have to double check every calculation I do and often get home at the end of the day and wish I had told someone something that didn't even occur to me at the time.

But, oh well.  The reality is that the people I care for through my work are in far worse shape than I in most cases, so I am humbled by their courage and tenacity despite that many are bedbound 24-7, are looking death straight in the eye, or just plain suffering from chronic pain.  It really helps me keep MM in perspective.


  1. Your story does really seem to parallel mine, right down to the right ear! It sounds like you are really coping well in a super positive way. I am looking forward to following your fight. It's so important to stay positive with this disease as it can get you down so quickly! Keep writing, keep tracking and keep going! You never know who you are helping in your midst.

  2. Thanks, Deb! We need all the encouragement we can get.

  3. I sure like your attitude. ALso, you express yourself clearly.