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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Humor of Falling Apart

Today Phil was working on his computer in the garage and I had stepped out there to do some laundry.  I heard him mumble something to me, so I gave my standard reply, "I can't hear you!"

Instead of repeating himself, he broke out in a belly laugh.  Finally he told me he had said that he can't read a thing on his computer anymore and found it quite humorous that I could not hear him tell me he can't see.

We make such a great couple!

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  1. Whilst I feel very fortunate to have inherited some pretty fine genes (nothing much other than writer's wrist thusfar), I do fear I have an affliction which will most likely only become worse as the years pass: Mutton-dressed-as-Lamb.

    Imagine the foursome we shall make someday! As you're already in RB, that's a good start. We'll join you one day and we can all shuffle over to the CVS and a fave Sbux every Tuesday at 10:00. Folks will snicker at my 90-year-old pin-up girl get-ups; but, you and G shan't be able to hear them. I'll have to tell you what they said. P won't be able to see a thing and we'll have to describe every outing to him in detail. Ah, sounds good.